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Post  Mr. Gold on Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:42 pm

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(1) The Player
Forum name: iPureSkillzi]
In-game name(s): [i]Fahimul Rita, Demetrius Smith, Clement Baxtor, Sandalio Ordonez, Trevor Grimes, Raphael Kenton, Royston Brooks.

Current faction(s): Los Santos Police Department.
Past factions: South Side Locotes, Washington Block Families, Seville Boulevard Families, Los Santos Police Department, SAN. Unofficial: Glen Park Crips, Saint Jefferson Families, The Kingston Connection, Crenshaw Boulevard Bloods and a Drug Cartel, can't recall the name.
Timezone: +1
Intrests: Playing the computer, Boxing and watching films / TV series such as The Wire.
Microsoft Messenger: thegunner04@hotmail.com
Activity: It can range depending on what I have planned, if I have nothing planned up to 5 hours a day (Weekdays) and more on weekends.

(2) The Character
In-game name to be used: Cristiano Medina.
Is this your main account? Joint main, activity split 50/50.
Character story (based on in-game events): "Get inside, get inside.. Go on, go!"
Cristiano clambered into the container, moving towards the back of it, pushing the boxes of fruit aside in-which were blocking his path.
"That's right, there should be a small square shaped hole at the back, climb through and close it. If you have trouble breathing and don't make it, I'm sorry."
Cristiano frowned, followed by a large sigh. "It's ok ese, I need to get out of here. I think I'd rather die in here, quickly, then back there due to hunger. I'll miss you amigo.
"You're a good man Cristiano, good-bye." And with that, the container door closed, being bolted up afterwards. The man outside clapped his hand against the container twice before shouting "Clear!"

Cristiano edged himself up against the side of the container, glancing around the space he'd been given in-which could've only been a few meters each way. Cristiano felt the ship jolt, followed with the sound of a loud fog horn. The ship pulled out of the docks, heading towards it's location. Cristiano had no idea where he was heading, no money, not even a spair change of clothes. Cristiano reached into his small backpack, removing an apple, before taking several large mouthfulls out of it. He cherished every bite and began gnawing at the core once he'd finished. After approximately thirty minutes of staring at the same, dull, four walls Cristiano rolled onto his side, stretched out in what little space he had to be in, before closing his eyes and going to sleep.

A few hours later.
The crane locked it grabber onto the container, lifting it into the air. Cristiano went flying into the opposite end of the space he was inside, forcefully slamming against it. There were shouts from outside. "Carefull with that goddamn crane Bill!"
Cristiano raised his eyebrow. "Americans, it can't be.."
The crane lunged the container to the left, heading towards the land. It carefully lowered the container onto the ground, before releasing it's tight grip off of it.
Some footsteps were gaining on the containers location, and shortly after the container door was un-bolted and dragged open. A man with a clipboard stepped inside, checking all of the containers contents, which were mainly boxes of fruit. He moved towards the back, noticing the square door in-which Cristiano had used to get into the back, rubbing his chin. "Mhmm.."
The man slowly walked towards it, before pulling it open. He noticed Cristiano inside and attempted to shout "We--.." Cristianos foot swung into the mans mouth, sending him backwards into the boxes. Cristiano quickly clambered out, darting towards the exit of the container. He quickly glanced around, noticing he was inside some kind of docking yard. He ran towards a large fence, jumping ontop of a car, before pushing himself over it. He continued out onto the street, sliding side to side, moving past everyone in his way. He'd moved about three blocks away before he noticed that he'd lost the guy that'd been chasing him.

((I haven't encountered much roleplay worth talking about, so here on I can't continue.

Additional information concerning your character: Cristiano can speak fluent English and Spanish, he's a quiet guy whom isn't very sociable and only really speaks when spoken to.
A picture of your character: [012] iPureSkillz Ev72tw

(3) Strategical Thinking

- You're leaving the scene of a crime when a single cop pulls you over for a random traffic check.

    (A) Radio through to other operatives, asking for support.
    (B) As he walks up to your cruiser, open the door into his chest, winding him. Then you bundle him into the trunk.
    (C) Take your silenced pistol from the glove compartment and fire two shots into his temple.
    (D) Speed off and attempt to lose him.
    (E) Talk your way out of it.

Which option would you choose, and why: E because I'd have more of a chance of leaving an un-wanted man by simply speaking through the situation with the officer, responding to him politely and protending that I gave a dam.

- You have been assigned a murder-for-hire contract, and must kill a police officer, named Gregory Harrison. You find him on duty with another officer, talking to a group of Mexicans next to the Idlewood gas station.

    (A) Request as much support as possible, then attack both officers.
    (B) Climb onto a near by roof and open fire with your M4, then speed away.
    (C) Approach the officer, and try to gather more information about him. For example: his phone number.
    (D) Quickly speed past, whilst another operative fires out the window.
    (E) Leave it for another day.

Which option would you choose, and why: C, I'd start a friendly conversation with him and maybe ask him if he'd like a drink, that way I could meet him somewhere later on and carry out the hit then. If that failed I'd probably move onto option E. I'd rather not open fire on him as there's witnesses around and it would attract ALOT of unwanted heat on both myself an the reasons behind the hit.

- You're outside your house, mowing the lawn. A black man runs up to you and puts a knife to your neck, telling you to give him your possesions.

    (A) Give him everything and let him leave.
    (B) Attempt to disarm him, then tell him to leave.
    (C) Pull out your pistol and shoot him in the kneecap.
    (D) Kill him.
    (E) Give him everything, then chase him down another time.

Which option would you choose, and why: E, there's no point risking my own life when he has the better hand in the situation.

- You are inside The Welcome Pump, and there are four armed bikers outside who want to kill you.

    (A) Call for back-up through your radio, submit to the bikers, then hope back-up arrives in time.
    (B) Call the police.
    (C) Barricade the entrance and prepare for a shoot out.
    (D) Run outside, catching them by suprise and attempt to shoot them.
    (E) Run outside, and flee.

Which option would you choose, and why: I'd chose option E, by doing that I could get out of there safe and well. I could then move onto another safe location, before radioing in about the situation and see if anyone wants to take it further from there.

(4) More questions

Your character is walking down the street when somebody comes up to you and randomly pulls out a gun and shoots your character dead. You:

    (A) Force crash.
    (B) Report them on the forums.
    (C) Send a /report to the online admins, and then report them on the forums if necassary.
    (D) Wait it out and hope somebody calls the EMS.
    (E) Other (explain).

Which option would you choose, and why: E, I'd ask him why he shot me and tell him to provide a good enough reason why I shouldn't take it to a forum report, if he does I'll leave it there, if he dosen't I'd take it to a forum report.

Are you intrested in taking on a position of responsability? I'm not to fussed.
Do you have any ideas for the faction? Explain them: Not at this precise moment in time.
Which is better to have: fear or respect? Respect.
Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the faction? No
What do you know about this faction? Not much, but Joe got me interested. (Mr Smith) I know you carry out hits and other detective sides of roleplay.

Other notes


I, Cristiano Medina, agree to keep this application to myself, and will not discuss it with anybody except Mr. Smith. All of the above was written by myself, with no assistance.

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Post  Mr. Blue on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:58 pm

I've had a few past experiences with this fella a few months ago when I was in the PD. He's a good guy, listens to what you say and has a great attitude. I recommend him for the opportunity upon this reason.
Mr. Blue
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Post  Mr. Purple on Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:41 am

Decision; Approved.
Reason; Read previous post.

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Post  Mr. Red on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:10 am

I know that it's awhile ago and whatnot, however I have had bad experiences with this player. His attitude is a massive problem and actually moving onto calling Frankie the lead admin "Hitler" and throwing him into an perspective with dictators and whatnot, in a widely open post on the forums... I don't trust this guy whatsoever.

Mr. Red

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