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Post  Mr. Gold on Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:50 am

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(1) The Player
Forum name: Sidewinder
In-game name(s): Mario Lorenzo, Paulie Zaluchi, Bruce Armstrong>
Current faction(s): None
Past factions: EMS, PD, SD, random gang/mafias
Timezone: GMT-5
Intrests: Sports and music, movies, women, running.
Microsoft Messenger: 4singh@live.com
Activity: 10 maybe more

(2) The Character
In-game name to be used: Calvin Kennedy
Is this your main account? Yes
Character story (based on in-game events): Kennedy originated from England but moved to LS during high school. He studied medicine for a few years and was a doctor in the EMS for a number of years before getting discharged due to new changes to the EMS infrastructures. Since then he's been wandering around town working odd jobs and looking for a way to gain some money and friends in high places.
Additional information concerning your character: Late 20's, medium height, dark hair, wears glasses a suit with a top hat and overcoat, heavy smoker. Only language he knows is English with some medical background knowledge.
A picture of your character: [010] Sidewinder Max-Payne-Movie-03

(3) Strategical Thinking

- You're leaving the scene of a crime when a single cop pulls you over for a random traffic check.

    (A) Radio through to other operatives, asking for support.
    (B) As he walks up to your cruiser, open the door into his chest, winding him. Then you bundle him into the trunk.
    (C) Take your silenced pistol from the glove compartment and fire two shots into his temple.
    (D) Speed off and attempt to lose him.
    (E) Talk your way out of it.

Which option would you choose, and why: E, it's the easiest and simplest way of walking away without attracting unwanted attention and more civil.

- You have been assigned a murder-for-hire contract, and must kill a police officer, named Gregory Harrison. You find him on duty with another officer, talking to a group of Mexicans next to the Idlewood gas station.

    (A) Request as much support as possible, then attack both officers.
    (B) Climb onto a near by roof and open fire with your M4, then speed away.
    (C) Approach the officer, and try to gather more information about him. For example: his phone number.
    (D) Quickly speed past, whilst another operative fires out the window.
    (E) Leave it for another day.

Which option would you choose, and why: C, if he is with another officer and I can learn about his day to day activities then it increases the chances of catching him when he's alone sometime.

- You're outside your house, mowing the lawn. A black man runs up to you and puts a knife to your neck, telling you to give him your possesions.

    (A) Give him everything and let him leave.
    (B) Attempt to disarm him, then tell him to leave.
    (C) Pull out your pistol and shoot him in the kneecap.
    (D) Kill him.
    (E) Give him everything, then chase him down another time.

Which option would you choose, and why: Either A or E, although it would save a scene from occurring my character would not simply let someone walk away after doing that. He'd probably hunt him down and make him pay in a dark alley somewhere.

- You are inside The Welcome Pump, and there are four armed bikers outside who want to kill you.

    (A) Call for back-up through your radio, submit to the bikers, then hope back-up arrives in time.
    (B) Call the police.
    (C) Barricade the entrance and prepare for a shoot out.
    (D) Run outside, catching them by suprise and attempt to shoot them.
    (E) Run outside, and flee.

Which option would you choose, and why: B, once again it's a public area and me taking any actions against them even with backup could prove to have negative effects for all members around. However, calling the police would only prove to be harmful for the bikers leaving me and my friends for another day.

(4) More questions

Your character is walking down the street when somebody comes up to you and randomly pulls out a gun and shoots your character dead. You:

    (A) Force crash.
    (B) Report them on the forums.
    (C) Send a /report to the online admins, and then report them on the forums if necassary.
    (D) Wait it out and hope somebody calls the EMS.
    (E) Other (explain).

Which option would you choose, and why: D and maybe C, if they had a RP reason for it then it's fine. But if I find out that they didn't then I would report them for DMing.

Are you intrested in taking on a position of responsability? Yes>
Do you have any ideas for the faction? Explain them: Nothing really as of now, I'd have to see some activity before judging.
Which is better to have: fear or respect? Respect
Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the faction? Nope
What do you know about this faction? The only thing I could figure out from the faction thread was some type of European organized crime/contractors faction. Haven't really seen you all in game but seems interesting.

Other notes


I, Calvin Kennedy, agree to keep this application to myself, and will not discuss it with anybody except Mr. Smith. All of the above was written by myself, with no assistance.

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