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[005] Riley_Coyne 2ajyu52

(1) The Player
Forum name: Riley_Coyne
In-game name(s): Riley Coyne, Michael Tedds, Martin Wright, now Riley Keenan
Current faction(s): Not in one, I'm just creating my own RP on Keenan
Past factions: Coonan, Murray, The Firm, PD.
Timezone: <GMT+1>
Intrests: Cricket, badminton, reading war novels.
Microsoft Messenger: cooljords9@msn.com
Activity: Over 20 hours probably

(2) The Character
In-game name to be used: Riley Keenan
Is this your main account? Main
Character story (based on in-game events): Riley ‘’Rie’’ Keenan

'' The meet ''
Frankly this was the day when Riley’s criminal life erupted, the day Riley Keenan walked into Frankie’s Diner. He had been told about this place, people said that it was the greatest diner to ever grace Los Santos; some said people came in and well they never came out but in Riley’s books it was another job opportunity he simply couldn’t put down due to the economic crisis looming. Pulling up in his 89’ Ford Mustang wearing a simple leather jacket, ripped denim jeans and a top that barely fit him he raced into the diner, charging towards the counter meeting a quite large man in Riley’s opinion an average American, fat, bald, working in a diner. “ ‘Ey there, I saw the job offer in the window I was ur.. Wondering if I could maybe fill the position? “ the man glared towards Riley with a grin if to say another kid, wanting to work for me. “Sure kid what’s your name? I’ll also need your previous work and qualifications along with your date of birth pal” the man winked at Riley before pinching the part of his shirt which showed his name tag, it read ‘Thomas Archer’. Soon after the application was filled in he took up the cleaning materials, going through each booth thoroughly working at every single one, little did he know Thomas Archer was an associated member of then the ‘Coonan Mob’.

'' Tick tock Tucker ''

The Bassment was Los Santos only comedy club, owned by then Michael ‘’ Micky ‘’ Colbeck. The comedy club was were Riley first hit his mark with the big guys such as Patrick ‘’ Big Pat ‘’ Logan, Joseph ‘’ Joey ‘’ Heatley, Frank ‘’ Buddy ‘’ Coonan, practically the guys who made Riley who he is. Riley started his day like no other; he woke up, got dressed into uniform, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast and read the morning newspaper while waiting for his taxi. But while staring down to the newspaper he noticed the two-worded advertisement ‘’ THE BASSMENT ‘’ you see, this meant a lot to Riley seeing as he heard a lot of the guys at Frankie’s Diner talking about the opening of the comedy club so reading this meant Riley could meet the guys who could make him one day. While heading down to the Bassment, he couldn’t help thinking to himself about how to make the best first impression ‘What if they don’t like me? ‘Riley sat there puzzled and as he got closer to the Bassment his nerves got the better of him. He stood outside looking like a duckling without his mother until Patrick Tucker walked up to him asking “You aren’t coming in for a drink? Laugh maybe?” Riley stood there staring into Patrick’s eyes before nodding and following him inside. There Riley sat down with the likes of Joseph Heatley, Michael Colbeck, Patrick Logan, Santino Logan and Frank Coonan. Riley sat down looking dumbfounded at the reception gave by the men, some even knew his late cousin Riley Coyne who was found murdered on East Beach one summer. Overall by the end of that night Riley was considered as an associate of the crew.
'' The nation of leathers ''
We recently had been intrigued in some business with this upcoming Motorbike nation named the Mongols, we thought that if we had them on our side we could expand our businesses throughout the underworld of Los Santos. This is how we gained them, me, Patrick '' Big Pat '' Logan, Mickey '' Pyscho '' Cusack, Amherst and Tucker headed over to their run down down bar in the outskirts of Dillimore. As we pulled up there our cars reflected of the light giving out a glimmering silver, the Mongols looked on as the convoy came into the bar's parking lot. Then it happened the top guns of the Mongols nation pulled up into their parking lot with a few old chopper bikes and their ragged patches '' Sergeant at Arms '', '' President '', '' Prospect ''. All we had was our casual clothes which hid a few berretas and glocks hidden away in our waistlines, it made a small bulge but no one cared. Big Pat strolled over to the gang of bikers along with his boys right behind him in a line, we were organized these bikers they weren't organized. Big Pat strutted into their bar along with Mickey who had already been in the cocaine business with this nation, as both of them went in two Mongols soon followed them with their patches '' President '' and '' Sergeant at arms ''.
One hour later, Big Pat came out of the bar with a slight grin on his face if to say '' They're now ours '' yet the story was slightly different. Once he came to the car he went into a deep talk with Amherst from which I heard the words '' Slavs '' and '' kill '' neither are good words. You see these Slavic bastards had been messing with our business for some time and they seemed to have done the same to the Mongols so for us to gain the trust of this new nation we headed down to the bar behind the advertisement tower in Mullholland with our bats and about ten, twelve guys behind us and smashed everything in our way some people call it revenge, some call it retaliation but the Slavic boys did not take lightly to it.
'' The Slavs ''
After the smashing of their prized bar which we had found out was passed through their bosses family they retailated against the Irish lads with ak 47's, first they went to the diner where they burnt it to the ground and then to the boxing club owned by the boss '' Buddy '' and shot the place up with ak's. At this time me, Amherst and Tucker were just having a drink in Shamrocks when we saw the flames fume into the sky truth be told we were pissing our pants. We legged it over the boxing gym where we found two slavs left shooting the place up still, you'd think it was dumb? It was. Amherst took out his knife he kept in his sock and went up behind one whilst Tucker shot the other guy with a silenced pistol he obtained from some secretive guys (The Outfits last year). They went down like a sack of potatoes and after this we rang the top guys, the administration the skippers. You can think we did not take kindly to this so Big Pat ordered some guys to blow the fuck out of their bar in Mullholland, turns out them guys were the Mongols nation and they were fine with the whole '' Lets blow shit up '' kind of way. The war ended in a weird weird way.. the Slavs just vanished from sight, we never saw them again, perhaps they found out the power we held on the underworld? Well whatever they were indeed finished in this town.
'' The bump ''
Shortly after the war Big Pat called me to a meeting in the newly renovated shamrocks bar, I thought it was the end for me, maybe I did something wrong? It was the opposite as I walked into the bar it was filled with everyone and Frank '' Buddy '' Coonan himself hugged and shook my own hand and told me '' Congrats son, you've been bumped ''. This time overrules every other time in my whole life, better then my marriage, better then having kids, this my friend was the life.
(( I changed the persons because I felt it portrayed the story better, this all happened IC and none was exaggerated, because of Keenan being alive for over a year in the server it would take me forever to right the whole story down but if needs be, tell me and I'll try))

Additional information concerning your character: Riley Keenan
Quite bulky.
Very wise and smart due to being a Captain in a mafia.
52 years of age.
Good driver.

A picture of your character: [005] Riley_Coyne Biatch
((Left but I'm bigger and have few muscles))

(3) Strategical Thinking

- You're leaving the scene of a crime when a single cop pulls you over for a random traffic check.

    (A) Radio through to other operatives, asking for support.
    (B) As he walks up to your cruiser, open the door into his chest, winding him. Then you bundle him into the trunk.
    (C) Take your silenced pistol from the glove compartment and fire two shots into his temple.
    (D) Speed off and attempt to lose him.
    (E) Talk your way out of it.

Which option would you choose, and why: E because he might be asking for support due to him being alone on his patrol and why would I bother giving attention to myself if I have a license and registration papers. And if in the event he does ask me to step out the car for a search I would act like I'm tying my shoes and drop the gun and kick it under my seat. But in the event he somehow randomly wants to search the car and me I'd use B, C or D. All of can be used in this situation the the wide variety of situations you're in.

- You have been assigned a murder-for-hire contract, and must kill a police officer, named Gregory Harrison. You find him on duty with another officer, talking to a group of Mexicans next to the Idlewood gas station.

    (A) Request as much support as possible, then attack both officers.
    (B) Climb onto a near by roof and open fire with your M4, then speed away.
    (C) Approach the officer, and try to gather more information about him. For example: his phone number.
    (D) Quickly speed past, whilst another operative fires out the window.
    (E) Leave it for another day.

Which option would you choose, and why: B because if I am on a roof it will give the advantage over him due to height and because a stand M4 will have a lot more power then the desert eagle he will have to unholster due to his MP5/M4 being in the car and not on him, so once you have shot him dead he won't be able to do anything and at that time you climb down the roof and speed into the distance.

- You're outside your house, mowing the lawn. A black man runs up to you and puts a knife to your neck, telling you to give him your possesions.

    (A) Give him everything and let him leave.
    (B) Attempt to disarm him, then tell him to leave.
    (C) Pull out your pistol and shoot him in the kneecap.
    (D) Kill him.
    (E) Give him everything, then chase him down another time.

Which option would you choose, and why: I would use C because my character always has his pistol in his waistline, but first I would push the knife away using my left hand(so he can not slice me) and then kick him in the balls at that time I would use D and kill him and burn the body.

- You are inside The Welcome Pump, and there are four armed bikers outside who want to kill you.

    (A) Call for back-up through your radio, submit to the bikers, then hope back-up arrives in time.
    (B) Call the police.
    (C) Barricade the entrance and prepare for a shoot out.
    (D) Run outside, catching them by suprise and attempt to shoot them.
    (E) Run outside, and flee.

Which option would you choose, and why: B because it gives you time to drop your gun and the Sheriff's department is feet away so they will arrest or kill the males if they decide to shoot at the police and once this is done I can make a swift exit.

(4) More questions

Your character is walking down the street when somebody comes up to you and randomly pulls out a gun and shoots your character dead. You:

    (A) Force crash.
    (B) Report them on the forums.
    (C) Send a /report to the online admins, and then report them on the forums if necassary.
    (D) Wait it out and hope somebody calls the EMS.
    (E) Other (explain).

Which option would you choose, and why: I would have to use C due to the new rule which makes force crashing illegal in all ways or forms. If I /report the online admins could have a chance to a-jail him and if that does not happen I would report him on the forums under '' DM ''

Are you intrested in taking on a position of responsability? <Yes
Do you have any ideas for the faction? Explain them: Not yet.
Which is better to have: fear or respect? Fear because then you can respect.
Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the faction? <Answer>
What do you know about this faction? From what I've heard you like to extort factions for taxes using your secretive initiative /i]

Other notes
[i]<If there is anything else you would like to say, then here is the correct section>


I, Riley Keenan, agree to keep this application to myself, and will not discuss it with anybody except Mr. Smith. All of the above was written by myself, with no assistance.

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Decision; Accepted
Reason; Very good experiences with him, has my backing.

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Likewise had great experience with this guy for atleast 5 months. He has my recommendation, no doubt.
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